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The current position£ŗHome ”Ė resources
       Recruitment and selection is the main bottleneck of restricting enterprise human resources management work efficiency. How to according to the enterprise the management objectives and business requirements, under the guidance of human resource planning, the excellent talents, need human at the right time in the right positions, is one of the key to the success of the enterprise.

1Ӣopen recruitment, merit-based

       In the process of recruiting, the human resources department always adhere to the open recruitment, the principle of equal competition, after the first. Each year, the comprehensive analysis of the human resources department staff internal flow (loss), a competitor's talent policy factors, comprehensive evaluation of department of human resources demand forecast, to develop the company's annual human resource demand plan.
      Currently recruiting channels are mainly internal competition, internal recruitment, selection, employee referrals, media is introduced, the job fair, campus recruiting, hiring, headhunting company recruitment, recruitment to over four relations: the human resources department written off (computer operation), interview, unit of choose and employ persons is the professional level, the company leadership audit, to ensure that every into the company's employees are the most suitable enterprise development of talents.

2ӢInternal selection, fair competition

       To explore the internal talent, in line with the principle of fair and open competition, when the openings will first in the company's internal OA system and an announcement on the publicity column, also through other ways to mobilize. Secondly, making a speech, held the etc of at the scene. Competition ended, the evaluation group based on the interview assessment indicators and related records, combined with an employee's job performance at ordinary times is evaluated, the statistics after the comprehensive ranking candidate for the position, the results reported to the company leadership decision. Finally by the human resources department to summarize the whole competition activities, perfecting the competitors.

3ӢOrientation training, reserve personnel

       As companies grow unceasingly, talent reserves is increasingly important. 06 years beginning, the company to carry out the reserve talented person, the technical backbone of the selection and training activities, personnel usage survey, with the center general manager, department heads, personal interviews, to understand its development potential, working ability and professional dedication, and points out its insufficiency, and assign a counseling training.

       Culturing methods mainly include: management grades will be carried out in accordance with the different level training, job rotation, apprentice training, constantly improve their professional quality and leadership; Professional grade, the company will provide professional training in a planned way, or for further study.

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